The great Nupe’s


The Nupe have a loose confederation of towns along the Niger in  the 15th century, traced their origin to the Tsoede who fled the court of Idah, traditionally they are called Tapa by the Yoruba, located in middle Belt and Northern Nigeria, they are the dominated group in Niger and minority in Kwara state (lafiagi) and kogi state. the Nupe kingdom which was folded by Tsoede in 1465 also has historical links with the Hausas of Katsina and Kano as well as the people of Borno, the kingdom also comprise other related groups like Beni, Benu Kusopa Dibo Ganagana, Kakanda, Basa cekphan kede and Kupe. Almost 3.5 millions Found in west midlands of England.

However, they are primarily Muslim’s few Christina’s and followers of the African traditional religion. The culture is very similar to that of the ancient Egypt; many have tribal scars on their faces to identify their prestige and the family of which they belong as well as for protection and jewelry adornment. They are well known for their wooden stools with patterns carved onto the surface, but these traditions are dying out in certain areas.

Thus, the Emir is called Etsu Nupe, the city of Bida fell to the  colonialist British forced in 1897, the Etsu Nupe was deposed and replaced by the more  pliable Muh’d . The present Etsu Nupe is Abubakar Yahaya.

The kinnupe have five(5) pillars, the nupe costume(red for great warriers and agility, green for great farmers and blue for great fishermen), NCRC( Nupe culture resource centre), Nupe cultural Anthem, National Nupe day festival and Nupe foundation for peace and unity. The land have Economically potentials the  most important resource base of the state is highly fertile land resources, with tremendous potential for crops and cereals production through the Niger Dams Authority, created to harness the waters of the River Niger for hydro electricity and irrigation projects, over 300,000 hectares of arable land have become available in the Niger River basin between Jebba in mokwa local government area on the North bank of River Niger.

Ninibo Nupe historical day of june 26, on this date back to 1896, marked the first encounter and defeat of the British Colonial forces by the Nupe Calvary at Ogidi in the present day Kogi state under the reign of one of a great forebearers, HRH Etsu Bubakar of late memory. It contributed immensely to dwindled on what is today’s Northern Nigeria.

Nupe is of the prominent ethnic groups in the Northern Nigeria because of the rich culture heritage, there are known for their very rich culture and tradition at wedding, there costume and the typical dressing of a Nupe man and woman is unique.


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