One year of PMB in power: what happen?

by Mumin Ameed u12mm1015



For the 1st time in Nigeria history, when General Muhamadu Buhari worn the 2015 general election as a new democratic president of Nigeria. Many Nigerians were very happy and jubilating here and there to the extent that some passed away due to their over jubilation with cars and motor-cycles on the high ways with one and others both male and female and amongst the 95% of tribes we have in Nigeria . This was because of their over confidence in Buhari personality that he can bring end to the devastating situation they were in. They were also of the views that he was going to re-structure, renovate, and balance Nigeria society and give it a new look as far different from passive and corrupt administration of President Jonathan

Meanwhile, with new face in Nigeria society that was influence by acceptance of concept of change which many Nigerians were strongly believed in couple with free and fair election which was powered and championed by Prof Attairu Gega, many international Non Governmental Organizations, civil societies and western and African countries were giving kudos to Nigerians for their effort and wishing Nigeria good governance ,corruption free nation, positive economy change and many other positive changes ahead that can improve the country for the betterment of all and sundry.

However, within one year of President Muhamadu Buhari in the leadership of Nigeria as a nation and as giant of Africa, we have witnessed both negative and positive changes in the country. With regard to the positive changes which are very passive compare to the expectations of Nigerians from Buhari government. The only visible and positive changes we have seen so far are in the area of Boko Haram insurgency which the pressure has reduced to some certain level and exposing of corrupt leaders and looters of Nigerian money. We recognize his effort in those areas as expected by Nigerian and promised by him during his election campaigns, kudos to him.

But his recent pronouncement and stand on the issue of fuel subsidy removal and fixing of the pump price of oil at 145 naira per liter as really impacted on the lives of Nigerians negatively which is not expected of him by majority of Nigerians who voted him into power as president of the nation. His decision has make life difficult for average and less privileged Nigerians to cope with and making things fall apart and centre can no longer hold again in Nigeria society since the time he removed the oil subsidy.

Now in a country that is embowered naturally with natural resources and a lot of skilled and crafted individuals, small money gotten from legal sources can no longer sustain the lives of average Nigerians and their family unless they involve in an illegal or illicit act before they can survive in this current situation in Nigeria.

As a result of this subsidy removal also and some other important issue such as retrenchment of civil servant before Nigeria government can pay salary and minimum wage, Nigeria Labour Congress and Academic Staffs Union of University embarked on nationwide strike in opposition to the act. This really affects the academic system of many universities which has negative implication on the performance of students.

Similarly, in this administration, many state governments are unable to pay their workers salaries due to erratic and unfriendly economic situation in Nigeria and government nonchalant attitude toward civil servants and even pensioners.

At this point it is obvious and vivid that this administration and past one has a lot similarities and commonalities and no change has occur to some large extent rather we are still living in a country where the future of youths and development of nation are not valuable to government in power. But rather their own personal interest is key and important to them. We pray that PMB should remember how he gained leadership power with the collective support and effort of masses who came out in mass with total fear of opposition parties treat not those close to him as colleagues and friends and should always make decision reflect less privileged and average Nigerians’ interests not looters in disguised interest .



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