How Doctors Carefree Attitude Ended The Life of Gideon


By Umaru Anna Rabi,  U12MM1052

Reminiscing through personal knowledge on medicine, it’s a known fact that medical practitioners are trained and placed under oath to preserve, and protect every life under their care. While most of them have been able to live up to these expectations, others are nothing but an utter disgrace to this reputable profession.
The injustice, recklessness and nonchalance of doctors in some hospitals has sent countless number of patients to early graves, something that would have been abated if a little empathy was shown to them. This leaves one skeptical of visiting a hospital or going traditional when ill.
Scanning through the experience of a young man, who struggled through the heat of time, I wondered and resolved that no one is safe in the hands of man. The young man, a 300level student of Quantity Survey,  Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, Gideon Sani Chiroma,  26, died due to carefreeness of these “Stethoscope holding,  needle stabbing, Angels in white” called “Doctors”. Prior to his untimely demise, Chiroma in February, 2016 was rushed to the school’s sickbay when he suddenly fell ill. He kept complaining of stomach ache.  As things could not be curtailed there, he was transferred to the  Teaching Hospital at Shika and without proper diagnosis,  he was given drugs  and was told it was food poising. He was then discharged and for a while everything seemed normal until June 2nd when he came back from class. It was said that after drinking a cup og water,  he felt a sharp pain in his stomach, collapsed and was rushed to the same hospital and again, instead of carrying out proper tests and diagnosis he was administered medications and his stomach became protruded, obviously due to wrong medications.
His mum, Mrs Sani Chiroma,  amidst tears explained that she saw the life of her son draining  and kept disturbing the doctors to do something,  only to be met with disrespect and insults. According to her, one of the doctors even said “your son is just pretending and overreacting”. Can someone go through such pains in the name of pretence? This inhumane utterance by a professional practitioner only shows his non regard for human life and a helpless mother.
Sunday 5th June, 2016 came with a cold breeze, not of rain but pains. After he was properly tested,  it was discovered that he had typhoid which had become acute and had eaten  his intestines open.  The only remedy was for him to undergo surgery in order to amputate the affected area. According to a friend who was there all through “he was taken to the theatre and for about an hour,  all we could hear were the doctors discussing and laughing in the theater, we wondered what was happening”. The doctors came out later on and declared him dead at about 3:15pm, and his body after being closely observed showed no signs of surgery, not even a or cut. Hypothetically speaking,  the patient was in unbearable pains and was ignored by the doctors who engaged  in fruitless discussions till he gave up the ghost. Only the Almighty and the doctors in the theater know what really happened.
This begs the questions, are those doctors life savers or takers? Do they really know the gravity of their professional oath? Are they just after the prestige, recognition and respect that comes with profession?
Every life is important and precious and should be treated as such. Today, it is Gideon, tomorrow could be someone dear to you and I, falling a prey to this fraudulent band of self acclaimed life savers in white. This serves as a clarion call to Nigerians out there, please always insist on a medical test before administration of medication by doctors to either you or your loved ones.
My heart bleeds with the family of Sani Chiroma who have laboured tirelessly for three(3) years to put their beloved through school, only for their joys to be cut short in only but a remainder of two years. All thanks but no thanks to the wasted eight (8) years of the stethoscope bearing, life saving angels in white. May posterity not stand against you.


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