Indecent Dressing

written by Mathias Olusegun Olobayo



Indecent dressing has become a new phenomenon among the new generation (youths) not withstanding some parents specifically mothers are not left behind most youth have gone gaga with their mode of dressing, wholesome exposure of the sensitive parts of the body in making a fashion statement is a subtle way of announcing the level or mentality of irresponsibility that has bedeviled women.

It has lowered the level of prestige and respect usually accorded women. It is indeed disheartening to seen even those that claimed to be married women joining the bandwagon. The dresses making fashion headlines among women include, tank tops, bum shorts, tube tops, body huge, crazy jeans, see through, jeggings and low waist jeans and among others.

Some of the dress styles, is the leggings, it comes in natural colours, which looks like the skin, thereby making it to appear as if the person is naked. The low waist is the latest jeans in town especially for young ladies. Most ladies in campus wear it and go for lectures; it does not cover the entire bum it stops almost halfway and appears like they are sagging. When such lady sits on a motor bike or at a function, you can actually see through the top most part of the bum.

This trend in our society is extremingly alarming and it shows that women who dress amorously are simply seeking for the attention of men. They want to attract the opposite sex.  These ladies do not even see the negative side of their dressing with the aim of attracting men. Their idea of attraction is not ideal.

Therefore, at this juncture, if a woman want to attract a man, let her attract him with what she have got upstairs, such as her intellect and probably her achievements. However, dressing half naked to attract the opposite sex, GOSH She is sending the wrong signal to attract animals in human flesh.

In this contemporary society, modesty is no more a watchword. We should take cognizance of the fact that indecent dressing is an eye sore in our society, ladies who indulge in this unwholesome act particularly in schools where they are suppose to acquire sound knowledge and character of which is expected of them from their parents and society at large, is that how they dress is how they will be addressed period.

Indecent dressing as a new trend, fashion statement or whatever you ladies, the so called mothers or leaders of tomorrow called it, actually attributed to IMMATURITY, complete LACK OF CONTENTMENT and LOW SELF ESTEEM.

We Africa have rich culture, which is modesty and I think we should always preserve it, believe you me, is our pride. The principle reason most women go half naked in the name of fashion or dressing or whatever you called it, is to attract men for money and other vanity stuffs. Even married women are not left out. The women deliberately go to snatch their friends’ husband. They go to the house provocatively dressed when the wife is at home to seduce the husband.

However, just as women have gone haywire with all sort of naked dressing mainly to attract the men, their male counterparts stormed the fashion world with their own brand of stupidity, crazy dressing called sagging is a dressing pattern where boys in towns, institutions wear trousers, especially jeans which rest in the middle of their buttocks. Sagging is not strictly boys business as some ladies in this institution (A.B.U, Zaria) and other institutions around the globe are also involved. Categorically speaking is like a competition among boys and girls in higher institutions currently.

Males and females who engage in this unwholesome act should desist before CHANGE should change them completely and for good.



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