Natural remedies for flawless skin

by Oluwayemisi  Linda Oyedele



The ever increasing dangers of cosmetics products on the skin, it is important to seek for natural remedies that help to repair broken skin, cure blemishes, rejuvenate the skin and give a general flawless skin appearance. These products are readily available at home or easily accessible. Some of these products include:

1. Lemons

Lemons are citrus fruits that are quiet acidic and are very effective in skin lightening of dark areas and dark spots like elbows, knuckles, knees and acne scars. Lemons are rich in vitamin C which makes them great antioxidants. For more information, check (link )IMG-20160607-WA0006

2. Carrots

Carrots are root vegetables which are also loaded with vitamin C and antioxidants, therefore daily consumption helps to cleanse the skin from the inside by cleansing the blood. Carrots are good for treatment of acne and other skin blemishes. (Link


3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has been used as a medicine plant for many years and its application also runs into skin care. It contains two major hormones Auxin and Gibberellines, these hormones make it very effective for healing wounds and also gives it an anti-inflammatory quality which is good in skin care treatment of injured skin, swellings and blemishes. (Link )IMG-20160607-WA0005.jpg


4. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are usually a popular feature in many dishes but this nutritious fruit/ vegetable can also be used for skin care. Tomatoes can be used to tighten open pores, treat acne, and prevent excess oil secretion for oily skin types. (Link


5. Olive oil

Olive oil is oil derived from fresh olives, it is not only a healthy choice for cooking but it can also be applied skin to; soften palms and harden nails, skin and hair moisturizing , to soothe itchy skin as well as prevent wrinkles by rejuvenating the skin. (Link


6. Potatoes

Potatoes are also used for skin lightening of dark areas and exfoliating dead cells on the skin.  It can be used by simply slicing it into thick stripes to be applied directly on the face or blended into a creamy paste. (Link


7. Honey

Honey is made from alchemy of bees collecting nectar, pollen and resins from flowers. It can be used as a pore cleanser, moisturizing mask, and acne treatment. Honey can also be used for hair and nails care as. (Link


It’s important to note that these products could be used in a cautious combination and must also be used regularly in a skin regimen to achieve the desired result of flawless skin.



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