Nigerian Women and the 2015 Elections





The campaign for 2015 general election  in Nigeria, the so called giant of Africa, was geared by Nigeria women and it sound convincing by the look of some evidence, especially in the role Nigeria women both old and the young  played in political scene. It has been the second history in the democratic system of government when civilian was elected by the majority of the electorate’s wishes, who came out in mass specifically Nigeria women. Nigeria, has as a democratic system of government showed the world that it can conduct free and fair election, where the votes of the masses really count. Nigeria as a democratic system of government has what it takes to rise to its feet. The success of the election, actually showed the mental effort our women significantly played in their father land, and it showed the world that things are on the part for change.

According to statistics, the 2015 general election was the most significant moment in the history of Nigeria compare to previous election, when Nigeria women came out to actively participate.

Moreover, what I actually sawed in Nigeria, specifically Zaria, Kaduna state, alas, I was amazed, many old women and active young ladies both married and unmarried came out and cast their votes on the political candidate that will control the affairs of Nigeria in 20015, I could remember vividly when an old woman passed the frontage of my resident, shouting, SAI BUHARI, SAI BUHARI, SAI BUHARI, Buhari ya chi zabe, tuda mu ya mata mufita mu yi maishi zabe. I was just laughing at the old woman, however, not knowing that she really mean what she is saying.

I have come to terms that Nigeria as a country, is on the part of change. Politically speaking, having this thought from my crystal ball, if this should continue in this conducive atmosphere of free and fair election, there will continue to be massive involvement of Nigeria women in the election in Nigeria to continue to make change that we need as a nation.

The political environment for Nigeria women to continue to participate is coming to reality gradually. At this point, it is essential for us, the men to make this come true.

Some people assumed that there are no real changes in last election and that no place for Nigeria women to be involved in the election, however, I tell you that there are real changes in political scene of Nigeria and that if our women both the old and the young, should continue to be involve in the election, politically speaking, Nigeria women will make the great change that we all dream of.

To buttress my evidence further, it is those with strong observation of political history about Nigeria that will know that Nigeria women are making the desire change that we all desire.

Nigerian women are making the most desire change that we all yarn for. As our women wisely cast their vote for the right political candidate, be that as it may, we must all put hands on deck to move our election reform forward.



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