Poetry Corner

Khalid Omobolanle Amirat

Everywhere seems so dark
I could hear my voice
I could hear my breath
I wanted to stand up
But no
I lost my strength
Tears rolled down my chick
I needed a support
Someone to lean on
I was in a pool of blood
Yes, my blood
I could hardly see the blood
But I could smell it
I lost the baby
My joy of motherhood.
Thats the only reason I want to live
I screamed so loud
Louder than the sound of thunder
Heaven could hear me
I wanted to strangle myself
And commit suicide
‘But not yet ‘
A voice said to me
I saw a light
Coming towards my direction
I didn’t know where the strength came from
I stood up
The voice said to me
‘Be strong there are better days ahead ‘

When many talk about love
The question of what is love
pops in
Some say love is life
Then I wonder
What is life?
I got so many answers
Flowing through my mind
I decided to ask Siri
Siri referred me to ask Google
Even Google seems confused
I seem not to understand love
After I went through heartbreak twice
My heart is broken into pieces
Yes pieces!
But yet, I seem not to understand
I hope love could get a stand.


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