By Habiba Musa Abu u12mm1082 

My two pennies on the Orlando shooting. The only time the American media want to ignore facts is if it does not support their biased narrative. If you really want to connect the dots , here are the numbers . The gun industry is estimated to be worth about $30B. How do you fight that? There are more guns than people in the US . Roughly 90 people are killed every single day in gun related violence. The NRA donates millions of dollars to Presidential candidates during campaign . So it’s no rocket science. Strange as this may sound, some of these killings are nothing but, mainly political to sell an idea. Powerful men use fear as a tool to rob the weak. Put aside the over 80 mass shootings that happen every year in the continental U.S and talk about the major ones, and you will discover a huge anomalies that you can figure out with simple common sense. Starting with Sandy Hook ( 27 dead ), shooter was white. Virginia Tech ( 32 dead ), shooter Asian. Fort Hood ( 13 dead ), shooter Latino. Aurora ( 12 dead ) shooter, white. Navy yard ( 12 dead ) shooter, African American. Charleston ( 9 dead ) shooter, white. San Bernadino ( 14 dead ) shooter ‘Muslim’. Orlando ( 50 dead ) shooter ” Muslim “. So now I’m wondering if the other shooters don’t have a religion. About 60% of mass shootings every year in the U.S is carried out by white folks. But Islam is the problem. You can continue to swim in delusion but those are the facts and numbers . But, hey it doesn’t support our agenda. Australia hasn’t had a single mass shooting since the Port Arthur massacre in 1996. America has had 1,211 mass shootings since 2013! And Australia is as diverse religiously as the US. you see where the problem is coming from now? Lets us have a rethink.   


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