Suleiman Ohunene zainab

He was always staring at her from afar but her identity remained a mystery to him. She’s dressed in a complete snow white flowery gown and her face is covered with a white lacy veil with only her eyes shown to the world. She possessed a sea blue eyes that lit fire capable of melting even the hardest of hearts. He sees her everywhere; in the palace, at the battle field, at the darkest corner of his chamber, in his dream. She has been engraved in his heart right from the beginning of time but she is meant to torment him as his has no clue who she is. He sent his men to search through the castle and find this lady in white with eyes blue as the sea but to no avail, they all return with the disappointing news of no such lady in the castle. His need for her intensify as the minutes pass but little or nothing could he do to bring out this mystified lady.
This particular night, hardly has he closed his eyes and he heard her tiny voice. The voice has become a melody he can differentiate and single out from among a thousand voices. This voice has become his muse and the only soothing balm he can tolerate. “My lord, you look so exhausted” she said swaying her fine hips seductively
“I’m truly sapped out my lady” Prince Azur said as he walked towards her. “I looked for you everywhere, I can’t seem to locate you” he lamented.
“I’m right under your nose my lord but you can’t find me no matter how hard you try” she replied calmly.
“but why?” prince Azur asked in a whisper
“…this is wrong my prince, it is simply not meant to be”. The prince moved close enough that he could perceive her scent. She smell so nice that he can’t place the particular perfume with such strong scent. He lift his hand gently to her face, he was raising her veil but she stopped him. “Can’t you just allow me see your face, even for this once?”
“I’m afraid so my lord. I’m afraid if you see my face you wouldn’t come close and I don’t want to risk the chance of not seeing you in my dreams anymore. This is the only way I can get near to you”
“I’m so tormented my lady, my heart is scarred and my soul is broken. I am so lonely”
“It’s almost morning my prince, it’s time to face reality. So wake up as this is only but a dream’
“Yes! It is a dream but a dream I don’t want to wake up from”
“I wish so… but…” she began to leave. It was obvious she was sad. Her blue eyes looked deem and dark. The prince couldn’t help but feel the pain in his heart.
“Can’t you stay a while longer?” he asked politely
“No, I can’t.” she turned to reply him, her words were heavy and etched with an untold sorrow. “This may be my last time of coming inside your dream, I’ve been doing this for too long that I fear I can’t continue. You just will never notice me”. He saw something dropped from her beautiful eyes, perhaps could she be shedding tears? He will die a million death if that’s the case. “Farewell my lord” she said and started to walk away.
“Wait, my lady” Prince Azur called out and she paused but she didn’t turn back to face him. “Perhaps, can you tell me your name?” he seek but came no reply instead she continued, walking away, she faded into thin air, once again leaving the prince shattered.

Several times, she wanted to tell him her name but she couldn’t bring herself to say it, there’s this fear in her heart that kept her from uttering the word. She loved the way he looked deeply at her while he comes into her dream. She loved the attention she gets from him in her dreams, if only he was that caring in reality. The prince is the most eligible bachelor in the castle, he is so handsome that every parent wants their daughter to get involved with him. He has a full blond hair, a deep brown eyes and a long pointed nose, a one sided dimple, and a perfect lip. He is tall and has broad shoulders, fine chest, and long tanned legs. He is athletic, in fact he is a definition of perfection. She watched him day in day out as he smiles honorably and play with the kids in the castle. He is so dignified, she could begin to worship him. Every time she sees him, she can’t help but feel a twinge of pain, if only he will notice her. She wasn’t aware she was staring so hard at the prince until someone shouted her name. “Lucile, get back to work”. It was an order. The prince turned towards the voice and he saw her, he smiled at her but almost immediately his smile faded as he turned to his business. He was with some ministers from the cabinet discussing something she knows nothing about. She was glad that at least she saw his bright white teeth not in the dream but in reality. She hoped to see that once again but she was not sure that will be realistic as her time in the palace has elapsed.

In the evening, after retiring to his chamber, he changed into his bed robe and began to read a book he got earlier in the day. Feeling restless he requested for a glass of wine which was brought to him, still he wasn’t feeling alright. He was bothered by the dream he had the previous night about his mystified lady in white. Trying to distract himself from that he recalled the happenings of the day and wandered back to the working lady, Lucile, something seem familiar about her but he can’t remember seeing her anywhere before then. He decided to take a long walk into the night as an effort to relieve himself from his heartache.
The breeze was cool and the scenario is graceful, the view makes him feel relaxed but not before long, something caught his attention. He saw a figure or a shadow or whatever it is that just passed, he is instantly aware he wasn’t alone in the wood but who could be so reckless to come out this late? He wondered and walked towards the direction where he saw the shadow. He shined his torchlight so he could see clearly even though the moon is bright enough to illuminate his path. He saw nothing or no one but he was almost sure someone else is in the wood with him. “Show yourself at once, whoever you are” he called out loudly into the night, he hadn’t invited any guard and he knew none of his men will be bold enough to sneak up on him uninvited even if they saw him leaving the castle. He had made sure they got that fact right. Maintaining his composure as calm as ever commanding every ounce of respect and dignity showing no fear for a man who has been to so many battle field. “I command you to step out at once”.
Slowly, she came out of hiding, she was dress in white, and her face veiled as usual, only her blue eyes visible to him. He was stunned, this time he isn’t dreaming nor hallucinating. She is real and she is standing right in front of him. “I’m sorry my lord, I meant not to startle you, I was just on my way outside the castle, I was going back to my home town the same way I came in, I never knew you’d be out this late”. She quickly apologized and explained her action. Her voice rang a bell, the same voice he has been hearing in his dreams. The flamboyant gown did nothing to hide her shape. Her figure is so perfect, she has a small waist, and she is slim. She is of an average height. He hasn’t seen her face completely but he is so sure she is an epitome of beauty. The prince chortled as he said “So you are real”
She wasn’t sure she understood what the prince said but she replied anyways “I’m real my lord”
“What are called my lady?”
“I fear I cannot say”
“Are you aware you can be charged for treason if I so desired?” his voice sound so rich, she could fall at his feet. He wouldn’t mind being thrown into dungeon if be it she would be able to see his face often. But that won’t be possible. She quickly responded “I am aware my lord but I am also aware the prince of Aviara is an honorable man who does not possess such a heart”
At her words, he felt his heart beat twice faster than normal, he has to get her home to his father. He has found his heartbeat, he is going nowhere without her and he doubt not the fact that she has wisdom. “You speak so much wisdom my lady, if you don’t mind I would like to grace your face and I swear by my mother’s grave I’d not move an inch if I don’t get a glance at your face. If you deny me this one request then I will really be offended” he moved slowly yet progressively to her. Deeply and sensuous in a husky voice “…and I hope you won’t” as he made to unveil her, she turned her back to him sharply, lacking the courage to face him. He removed her veil from behind revealing her long thick black hair. “Your hair is so fine, and you scent different, what perfume do you use?” he asked but she didn’t reply. He closed his eyes for a while as he take in her scent. “Allow me to see your face” he quietly begged “I have waited for this one moment from the very first time I dreamt of the mystic lady in white” her heart skipped a million times, so he has been dreaming of her too? She wondered. He has seen her in his dreams in this white dress gifted to her by her step mom before she left her kingdom. He slowly turned her to face him and behold it was her. “Lucile” he called and smiled. She was over joyed, he has a retentive memory, just from once he heard her name, and he still recalled it. “I knew something was familiar about you earlier during the day when I heard your name, it is the sea blue eyes” he knows the color of her eyes. She blushed shyly. “You are beautiful my lady, I wonder why I never noticed you and I have searched for you almost everywhere aside from the palace but indeed you have been right under my nose”. Under the moonlight, the attraction between them suddenly rose, they knew they couldn’t resist each other, this is something they both wanted, something they have both dreamt of. The prince raised his hand tentatively and touched his fingertips to the lines of mouth, he looked deep into her face, and slowly he bent and dropped a kiss at the corner of her mouth where he had traced with his fingertips. “I’m sorry my lady but I’ve been dreaming of doing this” he whispered to her ears which gave her goosebumps, he cupped her cheek lightly, then covered her full lips with his. It was a blissful feeling. He savored her lips, he could worship it for a thousand years or more and it would still not be enough. He drew her closer to himself so that she could feel every part of his body. “I hope this is not another bad dream” Lucile said almost quietly for the first time as she open up for him, giving him full access to her mouth. “I’d be damned if this is just a dream my lady”.
Lucile didn’t leave her kingdom where she is a princess to work as a maid in Aviara for nothing, she did get her reward, she got the prince, she had promised her step mom who has become the only mom she knew after her real mom’s demise that she was going to marry the prince of Aviara. Though she doesn’t know where this will lead, but she knows the prince is not in for a one night shared kiss under the moonlight. He has dreamt of her just like she has dreamt of him. She would tell him her real identity later, she would tell him she is the princess Lucile of Marsita. She has come to Aviara to win the man of her dream.


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