Poetry Corner


A four letter word
Common to the aged,the youth and even nowadays the children talk about it

Its just like a force
That gets you on bended knees
Even though you are rich,poor ,powerful or you are principled

It was once said that
We all Need this three things to live a happy life
Someone to love
Something to do&
Something to put our hopes on..
I quiet agree but this word LOVE
Though looks small but yet carries great weight that we even get lost in it
We smile,we laugh,we cry..we basically get lost..

I believe we all create a world
where people live in.
Therein our heart,
a world I call small
occupied by people we love.
But the most important lesson
about love is
to never trade moments
shared with people,
it matters most.
Love Unconditionally.

Speaking Pen
Adamu Saratu 

It introduces anguish
It pushes smile to an unknown corner

Born out of phobia
Nurtured by turmoil
Married to agitation
Gave birth to unrest

Tranquility the heart knows no more
A flit of joy which has become sore
A smile filled face so no more

Stealer of inner peace
The unseen yet detested
A determiner of joylessness

Though one can overcome
Away from the heart it can be placed
With strength it can be fought.


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