By Abdulbasit Abubakar Adamu

I sat on my flattened mattress in the hostel with my back to the wall, my phone in my hand doing the usual activity of scrolling through the news feeds of my intellectual Facebook friends. People who wont give you food to eat but will make sure before you log out you must have had different delicious meals; undeniable delicacies. While I crunch on them, to some I laughed, others made me frown and some plates just like angry onions, made my eyes wet. But then I realised it is not just my face that experiences changes. Everything in life comes in seasons all this seasons are seasoned by the people in your life even though others will only drive you to intellectual drunkenness. 

When the rainy season came up upon us this year. I was also sitting as I watched it walk into the building in its swaying motion; all swaggered up in expensive jewelries and clothing of silk materials. This season is always that celebrity everybody will die to meet. Why should we be all awed of its coming if it doesn’t impact on us in anyway. I know one thing for sure about this season, it is loved because of the gigantisque of abundant gifts that it brings to the minds of the people.

I know of another season hated by the population, they say it makes their skin shrivel and crumble like the dried leaves a daffodil flower. It made their lips grouse and dried up like the grounds of the sahara region. But it still brings out the classy monster in them. Dresses them up like Shawarma crumbs with the chicken and everything in between. Even with its bad sides, some still find it more convenient compared to the “oven days.”

The heat is the most unpleasant weather one can experience. You turn, you roll, you walk, but don’t feel relieved. When you sleep at night in your mattress and the way you see it is in two opinionated views; its either you bed wet or rain fell in your room.

Such examples go the same way when you find yourself amidst people; pleasant, annoying, unbearable and others superb. But our abolity to blend in with them and bear their presence is our adaptational capability, even though sometimes we exhaust all that and can’t bear it anymore.


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