Fathers Of Insanity

Abdulbasit Abubakar Adamu

This poem is written in a rhythm that punches like a fist.


We are fathers of insanity
Rowing down these boats to the land of charity
Like Zombies on the streets walking slow.
But our infections on the body makes you low.
We gave ourselves a common noun: a name
We think us different but in reality, the same.

We are fathers of Insanity.
Our hearts poisoned with words of dismay
We are just a cliche, January down to May
We on individual races, instead of a relay
We owe this to each other, surely we should pay

We are like food that feed only our hungry self
Arranged like cutleries in an old wretched shelf.
We settle for only ourselves like business cartels
A free entry and exist where people put and exit ideas like a hotel
Some get comfortable to sleep in like a motel
All in need for pleasure we run to these superstructural brothels.
I am really confused of what you stand for
Is it a simile or a metaphor?


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