style||weekend casual

PicsArt_06-14-02.06.56Hey guys how has our week been?well here i am still getting a hang of the sudden weather change but hey that’s not what this post is about.So today I’ll be showing you how I like to have my weekends go with a casual flow but first let’s get something straight, going casual on a weekend depends on how the weekend turns out ,for someone like me who is in a habit of not engaging in any weekend activities I could just wear a short or some distressed jeans with a nice tee ,short sleeved or armless but for this post i went for something a Little bit formal but still casual. PicsArt_06-14-02.15.13PicsArt_06-14-02.04.57PicsArt_06-14-01.59.40styling this tshirt by @evolution_hauz designs wasn’t so difficult,I paired with my black peak cap,black denim pants by Zara fashion and my Allstar sneakers gave the whole look some youthfulness.I feel weekends are meant to always go with a casual flow except if you have some special events that require you dressing up but for a regular weekend chill out with your boys from the hood,you might want to try this look.PicsArt_06-15-12.38.42.jpgPicsArt_06-14-02.15.41.jpgPicsArt_06-15-12.33.53.jpgSo thats it on style this weekend ,if you found this post interesting then you could share your comments below,thanks for reading.

written by:kuyet Bamai


model:kuyet bamai

photography:zeeek photography


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