The Wonders of Banana Peel

By Elizabeth Tosin Adigun

Ever bothered to ask what the peel of banana could be used for? Well, the answer is here.


Banana peel commonly known as ogede, une and ayaba in the three major languages of Nigeria has proven to be useful.
Banana is a fruit loved by almost everyone and found in almost every country of the world. It is highly nutritious as it contains moderate amounts of vitamin B6, vitamin C, manganese and potassium. It is a sweet fruit which can be consume at its raw state and can be combined with other foods to produce delicious edibles. This is why the saying “Everybody love bananas” is true.
In recent discoveries, banana peels also known as banana skins are the newest health and beauty remedies as they do the wonders of beautifying the skin just as any skin beautifier would do. Natural skin care say it is because these peels are full of antioxidants including lutein, which helps protect the skin against sun damage, they also contain esterified fatty acids which have actually been isolated and incorporated into a patented lotion (Exorex lotion) used to treat eczema and psoriasis.
According to alternative home remedies, banana peels have the capability of reducing skin imitation including swelling and redness. It also acts as a homemade blemish treatment. In fact, even without pimples, the banana peel trick helps to reduce acne scars from old breakouts- The potassium and antioxidants housed in the peels has the ability to diminish the visibility of unsightly scars.
It is also a wonderful skin toner and tighter as it reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Need a moisturizer? Banana peel will do a perfect job as it softens and hydrates the skin. The treatment of puffy eyes is not excluded and the remedy is not cucumber only. Banana peels easily without stress, treats puffy eyes so whenever you have worked for long hours and still have a function to attend to, you have your banana peel to the wonder of clearing your eyes.
In accessing these beauty treatments using the peel of our sweet banana fruit, there is an application which is all fast and easy.
After eating your banana fruit to absorb the vital nutrient it contains,
Bend the peel inside out to expose the white colored inner layer of the peel,
Rub the soft inside layer of the banana peel around the area you want to remove scar or wrinkle from, tone or soften in order for the area to absorb the nutrients. Rub until the inner of this peel turns brown and soft. There is no time frame as to when it should be removed from the face.
Wash the applied banana peel off the face with a lot of water.
This should be done repeatedly and change will be seen immediately. To ensure best result, the peel should be used while it is still fresh.
It is amazing that this generation is gradually moving from the era of artificial face treatments to the era of natural remedies. The most amazing thing is that it is gaining wide acceptance in our society and at our reach too so the next time you want to toss a banana peel into the trash can, have a rethink!!



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