Style||Sallah special from kingsclothing

Well if your reading this then you just got lucky,first how was the weekend?well mine was not so interesting but anyways lets move on to today’s real deal,So sometime last year kingsclothing Abuja released a summer collection which was a fuzz at the time,infact instagram was going crazy at the time ,those of you who are active with the gram will remember that every classic man had to reckon with the brand,well I happen to be one among those who had a feel of the brand,well I didn’t exactly buy but all thanks to modelling I was able to put on some of the exclusive designs.kings-20151207_115810

so with Ramadan still on the go I’m sure so many people already have so many things going on in their heads on how the sallah celebration will go, one of those things is what to wear,of course the food is very important too but call me crazy no one sees whats in your stomach so make the outside a priority as well,so for those brothers who haven’t really figured out what they want to put on for the celebration,i just made your work easy,visit @kingsclothingabuja on instagram and place your order by using the information on their bio data,after doing that you can come and thank me.

so I will be sharing two looks from the shoot that day just so you could see for yourselfimg-20151012-wa0007 (1).jpg

the first piece I wore was  niger delta inspired, ox blood  with a floral  pocket square,it was a little bit big for me but i really didnt mind because I felt like I was about to sign some multi million contract wearing it,the simplicity of the design is what gave me the chills,I could use the phrase “simple but classy”to describe this particular one.


I styled it with a lack fedora hat and blue flats by Armani,the blue Armani shoes wasn’t such a good idea but it was the only shoe that was in my size there.img-20151012-wa0002.jpgthis was the second look,blue is one color that every man finds easy to embrace so the color alone was making a fashion statement,the details on the sleeves were the same with as that on the neck line giving the whole outfit a cool and harmonizing hue. img-20151012-wa00011.jpg

so here the shoes really worked with the whole ensemble.

So gentlemen,lets wear kingsclothing,lets look like royals this Sallah .11311435_992634307455731_85918212_n11313562_1011061262260174_227423599_n.jpg11313721_1149613028387187_733357038_n.jpg11327344_1658321591071363_2048839439_n


whatever it is that your looking for Kingsclothing has got you covered this Sallah,for bookings or more information you can visit them on instagram @kingsclothingabuja or email them at

thanks for reading this guys,enjoy the week ahead.

written by:KUYET BAMAI







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