Elizabeth Tosin Adigun

An eaglet may not know the kind of bird it is
It might not know its worth
It might not know the kind of respect and strength nature has adorned it with
That is the perfect definition of who I was

The day it realizes the life it has been called to live,
It begins to live in accordance to it
This is where I am now
I’m a star
I’m the light created to guide my kind
I might have missed a take
I might have made the wrong decisions
I’m only human
And can still right my wrongs
To make my journey through life worthwhile

I’ve come to reach my goals
I’m back to take control
Nothing can lure me out of my goal
So I won’t miss the show
The show of my might
That might, that will bring a light to illuminate the night of my success

This is who I am
Who I am created to be
This is the garment made for me
This is the place I am fitting myself in.


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