The Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Zaria, Most Rev. (Dr) George Jonathan Dodo ordained seven Deacons as Catholic Priests on Saturday 18th June, 2016 at St. Mary’s Catholic Church Samaru, Zaria.
The Parish Priest of St. Mary’s Samaru, Rev. Fr. Istifanus Katung on behalf of the Dean of Samaru Deanary, Very Rev. Fr. (Prof) Peter Tanko welcomed Bishop Dodo and all members present to the ordination of the highest number of Deacons in the history of the Diocese. Also, Fr. Istifanus who is the Vocations Director of Zaria Diocese presented the candidates to be ordained to Bishop Dodo having found them worthy to be ordained as Catholic Priests.


The candidates are; Rev. Gabriel David Maikudi, Rev. Gandu Dennis Nnaji, Rev. Kato Pius Obadiah, Rev. Nache Joshua Shichet, Rev. Nkom Pius Nehemiah, Rev. Vincent Haruna Joel and Rev. Yayock Felix David.
Bishop Dodo during his homily called on the Deacons to be ordained to always strive to reach out for the call of God as dispensers of God’s mercy. He also called on them to put away every insincerity and long and thirst for God’s work. He encourages them not to be carried away by material things of the world. He concluded by urging them to always tell him the truth and what will help him serve them better.


After the homily, the Deacons took the oath of obedience to the Bishop and his successors. The laying of hands followed the oath of obedience and the Bishop alongside all the priests present laid their hands on the Deacons. The prayer of consecration followed and the seven Deacons were proclaimed priests of the Catholic Church. The Bishop and all priest present welcomed them officially into the Priesthood with the Kiss of Peace.
The vocations Director, Rev. Fr. Istifanus Katung thanked Bishop Dodo for accepting to ordain the Deacons as Priests, he thanked the parents of the Deacons for giving them to the Church. He appreciated the tireless effort of the Ordination committee. He also thanked all Priests and members present and prayed for journey mercies back to their various destination. The celebration witnessed other activities such as the restoration of the priesthood faculty to Rev. Fr. Michael Akut, transfer of priests within Zaria Diocese and the inauguration of Catholic Women Organization (CWO) diocesan executives.



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