Challenges Facing Women Going Beyond Secondary Education

Adda’u Abdullahi


In developing societies of today like Nigeria, education is becoming more and more expensive. This and other factors combine to make women as a gender the recipient of incomplete education i.e barely primary and secondary levels (in some cases J.S.S only or S.S.S) these factors include poverty, poor perception and education male bias, early marriage e.t.c this explains why majority of women are concentrated on low income job like teaching in primary schools, attendants in shops and hospitals, clerks, cleaners e.t.c. These challenges are best posed on the society as a whole. Thus, the society, government, parents, governmental and non governmental organisations must play their role to ensure such empowerment of women in our society.
Women should be exposed to both religious and mordern education. They should develop a chosen career while bearing in mind that motherhood is a basic responsibility ordained by the creator.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. HAMZA S.GINI says:

    good article, Education is very important in every society.


  2. Sulaiman says:

    Yeah its a nice one…. As the saying goes “when you educate a girl child, you educate a nation”


    1. U12mmu13de says:

      thank for you’d comment


  3. Fatimah zaharah says:

    Its a nice one … May God give the ability, zeal and power to empower girl child education…. Its really a good topic to talk about…. Am so happy to hear about this MASHA ALLAH


    1. U12mmu13de says:

      u are welcome


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