style||suiting up “some sundays”

Hey guys !!I know its been a while but you just have to keep bearing with my today i don’t want to make too much noise cos i have just 15 minutes of power left on my computer so lets get to it.PicsArt_06-14-10.55.48.jpgPicsArt_06-15-12.51.47.jpgPicsArt_06-15-12.52.58.jpgso about two weeks ago i decided to do a shoot for this look ,on a very beautiful sunday morning,not like i went to church tho.This is a suit jacket iv had for about 4 years now infact it was what i wore on my graduation from highschool,surprised?well styling it was quite easy since i had my mums scarf to use as a pocket square and my blue lapel pin as well.i paired the jacket with white chinos pants,blue long sleeved shirt with white button down collar and blue Armani shoes.PicsArt_06-14-10.59.20.jpgPicsArt_06-14-11.09.47.jpgPicsArt_06-19-01.53.26.jpgPicsArt_06-27-10.17.31.jpgPicsArt_06-19-01.54.02.jpgi already have plans of wearing this outfit for a dinner coming up sooon plus…

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