The Nigerian Education System : A System That Needs Urgent Attention

By Ismaila Suleiman

Educational as conceptualized by Wikipedia, is a form of learning in which knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits of a group of people are transferred from generations to generations. It is a known fact that the economic,  social and political transformation of any country lies heavily on the quality and success of it educational system. 
Over the years, the Nigerian educational system which would have been an instrument for accelerating national development, has experienced a huge decline due to setbacks resulting from one problem or the other. The  biggest of it all, has been the poor performances of students in various entry exams, leading to continuous reactions among stakeholders in the in the sector 

According to Professor Balarabe  of the department of educational psychology and counseling faculty of education, the problem of education in Nigeria is psychological in nature. He stressed that corruption has really eaten deeply in the sector which in turn is threatening the integrity of the system. “examination malpractice corrupts the educational system and if it corrupts the educational system, it corrupts the integrity of the system itself”. He said. 

The first examination malpractice in Nigeria that was caused by a leakage in Lagos, during the  colonial era in 1914, might probably cast a step in the decline of  education in Nigeria. It is very glaring that the system is being exploited today due to lack of control, as criminals have  hijacked the whole system to the extent that people have form gangs just to exploit the society. Even supervisors, now allow students to cheat because they are afraid of being attacked by hoodlums in the society. It is no news that some parents too now pay huge amount of money, just for their children to be able to cheat and pass exams. Many schools today still lack laboratories for practicals. Even the method of recruiting teachers in various schools also posses challenge in the system. These and many other problems have continued to make people ponder and wonder where the Nigeria educational system is heading to, considering the fact that our dear country is still labeled the  giant of Africa. 

To me, i would say it is high time we stood firm and take decisive action(s), that will address and save the Nigeria education system from sinking down completely.



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