Bature Fredrick Thomas /U12mm1008

There is never a dull moment in the life of the journalist. He’s always on the move and no two days of his are exactly the same. He encounter different scenarios on a daily basis. So, to be successful, the journalist must have a love for adventure. He like to travel to know places and meet people. Sometimes he doesn’t mind even putting his life at risk in his determination to get a good or sensational story for his medium

Whatsoever your occupation and profession or area of specialization may be we all travels. For this very reason, there are certain preparations that need to be put in place to achieve a hedge-free and a successful journey.

Travel preparation is the key to hassle free trip to any country of your choice. By doing your home work before you leave for any country, you can minimize the chances of something going wrong. Thousands of travelers often regret for not taking those simple travel steps before traveling to the countries of their choice.

  • Get your visa ready before hand or before it become too late so as to avoid rush preparation,
  • Get to the airport in time for screening and make sure all your credentials and document are intact and valid,
  • Take out appropriate travelling insurance for the country you intent to visit to cover hospital treatment, medical evacuation and any activities including adventure sports, in which you plan to that country,
  • Before travelling anywhere it is advice that you registered your contacts details online or at your local embassy or consulate once you have arrive so that they can contact you in an emergency,
  • Obey the country’s law,
  • Make copies of your passport details such as travel insurance policy, traveler’s cheque, visa and credit card.



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