My purpose for writing this article is to challenge and change people’s view point especially youth, adolescent and people coming of age to open their minds to the terrific and incredible power that lies in the art of discovering talents and thinking big to set and achieve great goals.
     Most people are scared of thinking big because they are afraid of taking responsibilities, winning, success, making decisions and many more. Thinking big makes us to open our horizons, reaching for new possibilities in our lives, being open to whatever God has in store for us on the road ahead, unleashing our creativity instinct, storing our passion and enthusiasm, going beyond our comfort zone, it also forces us to challenge our conventional wisdom, eliminates impossibilities, thinking big gives us a purpose to live and die for and also makes us to discover our talents.

     Everybody has his or her own talents given by God, some people recognizes these talents quickly and develop them while some don’t, in fact, some people recognizes their talents and do nothing about it and just let it go to waste. Discovering our talents, accepting, thinking and developing them makes us think big, different from others and also makes us believe that we can do anything that other people can and even do it better.

     If we recognize our talents and use them properly by developing every part of ourselves especially our intellectual abilities, we will rise to the top, not immediately but gradually. For example, the comedians and entertainers, musicians, we have not only in Nigeria but other countries, some of them are degree holders, some even masters in education, some are even working, although I do not know them personally, I think of them as individuals with incredible insight of what is funny, making humor out of a situation. It is a talent that they recognize in themselves and decided is something they are good at and made a good carrier out of if while some of them are not even deeply educated but their talents got them to the top.

     Some other examples include musicians, many discover their talent and ability to sing and so they made carrier out of their voice, others includes talents for business, drawing, painting, make up, designing and many more that God has in store for us that we just need to recognize, accept, think, develop and make career out of them. 

     May be everyone can’t do it better, it is not a matter of competing with others, don’t be disappointed or angry if your reception isn’t what you anticipated, it is a matter of recognizing our own social abilities, accepting them as special without comparing it with anything and then developing them so as to set and achieve big goals. Most of us have son ample capabilities in some areas in our lives, when we understand that, we are beginning to discover our talents.

     The right kind of thinking develop right from where we are growing and as we mature, if we allow ourselves to dwell on negatives, mistreatments, failure, feeling small compared to others and thinking like you don’t deserve what you want and that others are far better than you, we will be negative thinkers. We select and choose the way we think.

     A simple method that I think can help us to discover our intellectual abilities and think big in order to achieve big goals is to find a/comfortable place where it is possible to think and not be interrupted, some would prefer quite places while others crowded places, anyone you think can help you and then ask yourself some of these questions, what do I like to do that has caused others to compliment me?, what have I done so well in life?, what do I like doing during my spare time and doing it well that I can actually make something out of it?. Analyze yourself and your situation instead of depending upon tests and outside advice, however some people are not very good at self-reflection and do better by sharing and interacting with others, by the way that may be part of their own talent; interacting with others.

     Whether you figure out the answers yourself or talk them over with someone else, it’s your decision and one way or the other, we know ourselves and what’s good for us, so if you want to talk them over with someone else, find someone whose judgments is respected, write down what is said by those you confide in and compare their ideas with the ones you already have and then see what you didn’t think of about yourself before, same applies to those who prefer to do it personally, spend some time each day by yourself thinking about them, this needs a lot of patience, courage, trust and confidence in oneself.

     So if we recognize our talents, accept them, take them as special, develop and use them properly and not compete and compare our things with others, we will rise to the top and achieve big and great goals.


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