A.B.U Students and The ‘An Manna’ Mantra


By Fausat B. Agbaiyero,  U13MM2006

An manna! An manna dodon bango!!! These are the chants that fill the air when ‘THE BEAST’ is pasted on the notice board.
When the result is pasted, it sparks alot of mixed reactions like: “are you serious?” “Ce walahi?” and even “get out you liar”. However, story and feelings change completely after it has been proven true. It is at this moment you see alot of drama. For instance, while some run towards the department to check their result, others realise all of a sudden that that is the most convenient time to pray for a pass, how hillarious. Few out of fear and lack of confidence to look ‘The Beast’ in the eye, tell those brave enough to help them check.
Every time ‘dodon bango’ is pasted, the department is always alive with students littered everywhere and frantically struggling to check their performance. At this point, reactions are bittersweet. While some start shouting, jubilating and dancing because the result was in their favour, others are seen, just moping, wearing a face of dissatisfaction and even close to tears. A few even cry. Students in different levels have diverse reasons for dreading the sacred ‘Dodon Bango’.
To be continued…


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