One of the things that have always fascinated me is the mystery of childbirth. One might not think much of it but it is something that keeps me wondering. Have you ever thought of how an egg and a sperm can come together to form a foetus, causing this to form into a human? Has it occurred to you how your heart, brain, liver and the bones in your body grew into what you now refer to yourself ‘a person’ with feelings or strong emotions?
Some mysteries of God cannot be explained and that is what makes Him God. I have pondered about it and science tells us that the foetus is protected by a bag inside the uterus called amnion containing amniotic fluid. As weeks pass, the foetus grows steadily into vital organs like the spine, the lungs, the brain and reproductive organs. Science has done a fine job in defining how this works, but the fact that it actually does make it even more amazing.

This is just a food for thought; people need to remember that there is a wondrous God whose mysteries are beyond our thoughts and imaginations. If you never thought that there is a God, think of the mystery of childbirth and see beyond just a foetus. 


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