Home Remedies for Cucumber

Abdulrazak Mansurat


Home Remedies Four Wrinkles
Cucumber Eye Treatment:
Under eye wrinkles are one of the first facial
lines to appear as you age, because the skin
around the eyes is thin and lacks enough
fatty tissue to prevent wrinkles. Eye creams
containing hyaluronic acid are designed to
reduce the swelling around eyes, Firstly, a cucumber eye
treatment can act as a great anti-
inflammatory measure. Cucumbers should be
placed on the face while they are cold
because the colder temperature will limit
blood flow to the tissue around the eyes to
reduce inflammation, while the high water
content in cucumbers serves as a
To effectively use cucumber treatments, place
thick slices of a cooled cucumber on the eyes
for 15-20 minutes once a day. Proponents of
natural remedies for wrinkles suggest that
regularity is the key to success when using
the cucumber eye treatments in your skin
care routine.
Lemon Scrub:
As you age, your body decreases the amount
of skin cell turnover. The reduction in the
amount of new skin cells can often make the
skin appear dull and can increase the
presence of fine lines and wrinkles on the
face. Some over-the-counter facial masks
can be great face exfoliators, but can also
cost a small fortune to purchase.
A lemon scrub can be a great face exfoliator
and is a great natural remedy for wrinkles.
The reason why a lemon scrub is one of the
best home remedies for wrinkles is because
the high-acid content of the fruit helps to
destroy old skin cells, making way for new,
healthier cells.
Papaya Face Mask:
Using a retinoid cream can bring back
moisture as well as tone wrinkled skin. Those
who advocate using natural remedies for
wrinkles claim that papaya can also tighten
skin when used as a mask. The treatment
suggests grinding the papaya into a fine
paste and applying it liberally on the skin for
15 minutes.
The secret behind this home remedy for
wrinkles is that papaya contains a large
amount of minerals, namely beta carotene.
Retinol, the main ingredient in most retinoid
creams, is a naturally occurring derivative of
vitamin A. Beta carotene is also derived from
vitamin A and is thought to share some of
the same benefits as retinol.


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