When I look at the situation of my country Nigeria, I sometimes find myself dumfounded, however, with the current administration of President Muhammodu Buhari in power, a former Nigeria military head of state, which has a clean record of zero tolerance for corruption, is a welcome development for all and sundry in all ramification of lives.

In the past decades, we Nigerians have not made enough progress, in order word genuine progress that is expecting of us in the international community, despite of our potentials population, huge materials resources been wasted, simply because our past leaders are not reading for change.

We voted criminals in the name of competent and credible personality to represent us thinking that they were the right leaders to be in powers, only to realized later that it was self’s fish and criminals people.

Therefore, the administration of President Buhari has assured Nigerians that things need to be change and also promised to carry Nigerians along. As a result, therefore, things that President Buhari should do to Nigerians who gave him their mandate includes: President Buhari should fix our refineries so that our refineries can compete it foreign counterparts.

Most of our local industries are not functioning; our education sector is in comatose, our primary schools at the local level lacked the competent teachers to teach the pupils, the health sector is has absolutely breaking down, most of the time doctors and nurses away go on strike to demand for better wages.

President Buhari should also create employments opportunity for teeming youths who graduate annually. Power supply should be restored, some previous administration has spent billions of dollars on power supply, but alas they continue giving us excuses.PMB should act on power supply differently and with iron hand.

President Buhari should sit up and tackle the huge challenges confronting Nigerians in home land. We don’t have another home called Nigeria. Let politically come together and constructively support PMB.




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