Suleiman Amar 


Agriculture a sector of the economy that has been placed with lesser cognizance. Little or no important have been geared to it when compared to other sector of the economy like sport, petroleum, health and others. Unknown to most of us that our sustainability solely depends on AGRICULTURE

Today, youths have tagged it ‘local’ believing involvement in it is by heritage not by choice. Ignorance has made people think only those who study agriculture or those faced with un-employment are to be involved in agriculture. The current alarming rate of unemployment has partly pushed people into it.

There is a growing request for advanced and sustainable farming even though the agricultural sector must find more means to appeal for talent.

The aspiring and involved farmers are faced with financial difficulties. The cost involved in securing well to do machineries and equipments which are unfavorable, discouraging to people involved and distancing people not there. Further more, The local equipments are not fast and easy in terms of use when compared to the modern equipments. It is time consuming and strenuous making it quite difficult to farm in large quantity and most times, the produce are just for family use.

Though the sector has been treated with less preference, the variety of opportunities in agriculture can create more employment in fishery, livestock farming and so on which help create understanding that will change the philosophy that farming  is low skilled and low paid.

 More of agriculture should be introduced in schools in order to encourage people to take it as choice of career, improvement should be done showing the relation of agriculture to other fields like biology, chemistry, geography and indicating their application to agriculture.

Societal collaboration in agriculture can promote farming and other agricultural activities. Jointly working together, counter balancing some of the cost, producing in mass quantity, establishing farm shops, fish stores, food growing project, community farms and garden. All these will promote farming, promote farmers status, unity and understanding within the society.

Supporting initiatives, formal training, profession progression development for the people involved in agriculture is necessary for its advancement.

The set up of carrier progression centres will help change the present haphazard nature of the sector which will give it a new dimension. Bringing in of new recruits, machineries, qualitative graduates and financial assistance, all this will bring success to the sector.

Individuals alone can’t reach the attainment of success in this; the government should render adequate assistance in all necessary aspect for the attainment of the success.


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