Broken: A Short Story

By Idris Fatima Zahra, U12MM1009

One who could put her life on hold,  just to see her children happy.
My mother had four of us,  all girls.  Though she never had a male child didnt make her look down upon us,  should i say she over pampered us???? Though we had all we wanted but we were spoilt. My mother is everything a woman could be but she was too troublesome which made it difficult for people around us, too troublesome and too hot tempered.  My father was the exact opposite which made it equalize.  We never had relatives around because they couldnt cope with mother’s attitude,  her children were the apple of her eyes,  nothing more.  When a visitor was around we made them be like our slaves and whenever we had fights outside our home my mother encouraged us to beat whoever it was all this made us spoilt.  All along my mother thought she was doing the best for us until my second sister thats our second born got pregnant.  My mother never noticed,  maybe because my sister was fat or because she trusted us because we were allowed to have male visitors around,  everybody around us knew my sister was pregnant except for my mother,  she only got to know when she got a call from the hospital that her daughter was in labour.  How i remember that day vividly my mother cried her life out,  when people came visiting and congratulating my mother,  she was surprised because they knew without telling her.
After a while,  our first born got married after which she  started having marital issues  because she was over pampered.  My sister always reported any issue between her and her husband to my mother and my mother spoilt her the more,  always saying its the man’s fault.  It got so extreme that the husband started calling my mother names like busy body,  troublemaker,  etc.  Though my sister isnt a bad person but my mother was the genesis of her problem.
Later on my father got transferred to Akwa Ibom (the beginning of a shattered home).  My mother was asked to relocate with her husband but she refused saying she cant leave her work.  So my father left.  Leaving the 3 of us with our mother.  My second sister after graduating decided to leave for the states because according to our mother she was born there which automatically made her a citizen.  My mother had to borrow money,  collected loan just for my sister to fly out of the country,  my sister later left to find greener pastures leaving my mother,  my sister (our third born ) and me.  So,  later on our third born brought a suitor home for marriage which my mother didnt agree to and asked my sister to wait a while for a background check but she refused,  being furious my sister took him to my father,  behold he agreed for the marriage to take place without my mothers consent so the preparations began and my sister called for me to join her and her fiancée in abuja.  My second sister who is abroad was told about the wedding and she booked our flights for us to go shopping for the wedding in dubai ( not forgetting my mother borrowed the money for her fair…. And because she was a citizen she acquired a job almost immediately).  So my sister had a court marriage without my mothers presence..  I later secured a place in abuja where i am working so we all left leaving our mother by herself.  My second sister so also came for her son and also took him back to the states with her. She was later told that her 3rd child was married wit full knowledge of her father and after which she even has a child for him already.  Our mother who is supposed to be our hero is our most threaded person.  She lives by herself without no one to console her.  Now she has a shattered home which she spoilt her self….  No husband,  no child,  no grand children… Because no one can afford to cope with her attitude.


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