Maintenance of Undergarments


By, Sanni Islamiat Okikiola, U13MM2024

Underwears are clothes worn under outer garments usually next to the skin, your underwear are taken precious and fragile so they should be top priority. When choosing or buying your underwear there are 3 things you should consider.
They are comfort, style and color.

Size- when buying new underwear try out one or two pairs before buying more.

Fabric- You should buy what you are comfortable in. Cotton is usually more comfortable; the looser your underwear is the better for your body.

Climate- during warm season cotton is usually preferable while in cool season it’s better to go with wool or lycra.

Be it briefs boxers, thongs ,bikinis, strings or hipsters ,bras or knickers be sure that you feel good in it.


In the past men underwear used to be standard white but today the come in different colors and patterns they could be determined by occasion or purpose.


# To keep the color of your underwear, after washing it for the first time soak it with vinegar for ten mins and rinse again.

# Silk and wool don’t go in washing machines.

# Don’t iron bras and knickers.

# Don’t bleach your undies.

# Its better to handwash your undies.

# Sort your undies before washing them.

# Hot dryer would most likely weaken your underwear.

# Instead of direct sunlight, air dry your underwear in the shade, where they are exposed to fresh air but not the harsh sunlight.

# Throw them out when they get uncomfortable.

# After wearing one should air wear again and wash.


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