The removal of fuel subsidy by the present administration of present Muhammudo Buhari is a welcome development by the people whom gave him their mandate to stire the affairs of Nigeria and it does not cause any alarm for ordinary Nigerians on the streets of Nigeria, because they absolutely believed that president Buhari not corrupt during his days as the military head of state. The previous administration, specifically Jonathan regime that gave Nigerians happy New Year on first of January 2012, by announcing the removal of fuel subsidy which led to demonstration on the streets and consequently dead of innocent lives of Nigerians.

Moreover, the previous administrations, has failed to show to Nigerians the important of removing fuel subsidy because such administrations has been found one thing with corruption and many ills.

With the coming of this current administration, however, most Nigeria now realized the important of removing fuel subsidy, because Nigerians know what the government of president Buhari is doing for them by diversifying the economy, hence, sooner or later, Nigerians will stop relaying on fuel.

However, despite the increment of food stuffs in various markets in Nigeria, Nigerians did not go strike to protest the removing of fuel subsidy, even Labour that represent Nigeria workers nationwide intended going, however, have the rethink and aborted its plan for nationwide strike.

Labour understands the present administration of President Buhari agenda for Nigerians and promised to continue dialogue with the President.

Some food stuffs which hitherto cost some amount of money has now raise up, however, some amount of food stuffs is coming down gradually. Nigerians demonstrate a sense of understanding as one nation, and that they have given president Buhari their mandate to govern them.

At this juncture, I express my opinion strongly that things are on the right part for the best, Nigerians stand still and unite for the success of this current administration of president Muhammadu Buhari. I say once again, Nigerians unite.







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