Hasheem sulaiman Ibrahim

Learning is a gradual process to acquire, possess,achieve or accumulate the existing knowledge,a person who intended to learn must have in my that there are prerequisites in which he or she is expected to fulfill to have an excellent academic record. First and foremost one need to have INTENTION. That is the goal or the objective of the action he or she is trying to pursue. Intention is the bottom line of any action that direct the intended action towards a right direction.

MOTIVATION. This is an encouragement some one got. Motivation is of two type.external and internal motivation.exeternal motivativation hrer means when some one entizes you with someting in the course of your study. For example your friend have more good result than yours,or your parents promise to offer you something if you obtain certain performance. Where as internal motivation means when you intuitively intended to have a good result for your own goog.

ORGANIZATION: this point implies that learning in gardual process that take place in an organized environment meaning that one may need to follow the laid down rules and processes to achieve academic excellent.for example some cannot just wake up and decides to go to university because he or she wants to get a degree.therefore he must start from the beginning that is from primary secendry and

Proceed to titiary institution.

PARTICIPATION:this means for some one to achieve academic excellent he must be involved in all the academic activities. Learning cannot take place in isolation therefore for you to excel you must walk and go to school, and above all be engaged in all the academic endeavors.

READINESS: for some who realy wants to learn he must be ready to learn meaning that he must have willingness. No one should be behind him to chase him or even ask about his academic perfomancec.

ATTENTION:this is a stage where some one shows concern and interest to know something.attention consists of both mental and physical attention. However a person that seek for knowledge for the sake of the knowledge has the master key to academic excellent.


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