Culture is the total way of life of people in a particular community or society. Culture differs from one society to another which makes it an activity that has become part and parcel of people in a particular locality. it also cut across political,  social-economic  and religion of a group of people in a society.

It has become a regular phenomenon amongst Federation of Oyo State Student Union, FOSSU of Ahamdu Bello University Zaria, in organising “AMALA DAY “ on annual basis with the aim of integrating student from Oyo State in remembering their origin and norms. AMALA DAY is one of the most interesting days amongst others on campus which other students’ day has failed to compete with overtimes, because it gives room for participation of students of students from different states.

The most central idea about this day is distinct preparation of popular local or African delicacy known as AMALA with       ABULA soup accompanied with chilly drinks which makes students of Oyo States unconsciously applaud the good legacy of their ancestors for modifying such meals. To make it more marry, traditional songs are played in a comfortable setting to integrate effectively the culture of Yoruba people.

Historically, the famous AMALA is from yam that involves series of traditional process before it become yam flower which in turn if poured into hot water will become AMALA.However,what we call “Abula” is a combination of tow soups; AWEDU and BEANS soup. The beans soup is made from beans with a lot of traditional processes. it is popularly known amongst Yoruba people as “gbegiri.”

This culture has become popular among (ABUSITES) irrespective of their age, religious and ethnicity. It is with this great innovation, Oyo State Students are tagged ‘Pace setters’.

The popularity of this “Amala” day celebration in A.B.U and other higher-Institutions in the country has however, placed Federation of Oyo State Student Union (FOSSU) to an enviable level among other States’ Association. Considering the qualities above, evidence could be traced from one of the past presidents of Student Representative Council (SRC)in ABU, Comrade Rafidandi of political science department who annually celebrates with (FOSSU) beyond political recognition and also accord value and respect to the much and highly delicious meal “Amala” with “Abula” .

Historically, “Amala day” celebration could be vividly trace back to  the competitive struggle of State Associations of Universities to showcase their culture, norms and values as well as to make them stands out among others in the 1980s.

Therefore as an Abusite,when next you come across an Oyo State indigene on campus do not forget mindfully ask for the next “Oyo –Amala” day celebration .if you have never attended any you are really missing out a delicious meal, that has definitely stood the test of time.


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