Entrepreneurship is the bedrock for poverty alleviation and economy development of any country in the world. Entrepreneurship education is necessary in order to developed expertise as an entrepreneur to identify business opportunities and exploit them. Entrepreneurship education is a course introduce by national university commission for undergraduate in all Nigerian universities design to teach the skill and knowledge that is needed to know about business before embarking on enhanced most students who are engage in entrepreneurship to effectively identified business opportunities and to tackle obstacles their businesses may face.                                                                 The federal government has been running a number of policies that have continuously improve entrepreneurship in the country. In 1986, the federal government under military regime set up national of employment to ensure that their citizens are self-employed, it is the believe of the government that this agency will reduce unemployment which is the basic problem of our society.                                  Entrepreneurship entrepreneurship education is regarded as a natural fit for business education department because it integrates the functional areas of business, accounting, finance, marketing, management and economic in which a new venture operates. It is therefore important for these categories of students to think like an entrepreneur since they are expected to start their own business after graduation.                       Entrepreneurship education has improved socio economic activities within the university and its community’s ties and this has help many people to be self-employed in their businesses. It is very important for any student who wants to be an entrepreneur to pass through this training in order to be able to make the difference between trained and untrained entrepreneur.

The entrepreneurship education introduced into Nigerian university system by national university system by national university commission will assist students who wants to be entrepreneur in future to be able to know when to move forward, backward or take action. These entrepreneurship education offers a solution by preparing students to be responsible entrepreneurs thinkers by turning them in real life learning experience where they can take risks, manage a small business.

And also, the federal government should however create an enabling environment for the indigenous entrepreneurial to boast its economy and also supply necessary entrepreneurial facilities to various academic institution that will propel entrepreneurship education in Nigeria.


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  1. Gina says:

    All that is written here is true, but entrepreneurship education should start earlier – with kids.
    In order to foster entrepreneurial thinking and entrepreneurial culture you need to start at an early age, like Israel, which is known as a start-up nation, does. Take a look


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