By Samaila Yunusa DanMairo/ U13MM2049

– We are one people… one destiny

– Everybody must pay for the electricity they consume, except

– We are loosing power because our wiring is outdated

– There is alternatives to electrical power supply

– You don’t have Power you are not civilized

– We are on national service here

– Give us more allocation FG

The Ahmadu Bello University has embarked on a peaceful demonstration yesterday to show their total disagreement with the monthly electricity increment by the federal government.

The Vice Chancellor of the university, Professor Ibrahim Garba stated this in a solidarity campaign rally titled “No To #86 Million” lamenting that the bill is unaffordable and unstainable for the institution.

The peaceful protest began at 2:00pm from the university’s famous Mamman Kontagora Square main campus, to Ribadu hostel, faculty of sciences, social sciences, and to the sport complex near BZ quarters. 

Speaking at the rally, Garba stressed that “In ABU, we are one people, one nation, one destiny, and the destiny is in our hands apart from the Almighty. 

We are so blessed, we have head, we can think and act. Eighty-six million Naira is not eighty-six thousand. And the eighty-six million Naira us for your upkeep because you paid for it.”

However, the. vice Chancellor said, “everybody must pay for the light they consume. All staff will pay for power. Only students will get free power. Centres that get funding from federal government must pay for the power they consume.”

Describing the old nature of the institution, the VC added that, “the electricity configuration wiring is outdated type. So, we are loosing power because we are dealing with the old system. That cannot help. So, we have a plan that we are going to replace the system gradually, including the transformers, wiring, appliances and so on.”

He further explained that the management will find another action as source of energy.

“We are going to device a means of getting alternative power. Most of you students, realized that we are installing solar system in the public areas. Each of the, you see there cost #300, 000. So, if today I have the money, I just continue putting more. Solar power is free. It’s automatic but it cost.

You don’t have power, you are not civilized. Nothing will work. You can’t do anything. So, that is why this power is important to our life.”

While addressing hundreds of students, Garba advised them to take the message to their colleagues and that they should all be vanguard of saving energy.

“So, we are mindful that, being here is a national service, is a privilege. We were once like you, you will be one time like us. You have to learn and you have to live.

If see any light on, off it. Whether it is in the classrooms or hostels or high consuming appliances on. I should use my knowledge to better my life.”

The university Don lamenting with the situation of the students in the campus he said, “Unfortunately, some of us are born in hardship: we were not born in hardship, even though we came from poor homes. Everything was working when I was like you.”

The Students Representative Council president, Mohammed Yahaya Sabo (from the right) also lament that the federal government allocation to ABU cannot cover the activities of the institution.

The occasion was cheered with the “Theatre and Performing Arts” students cultural display.


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