Fashion: The gradual nudity trend

By Elizabeth Tosin Adigun


A poster I saw while passing through the longest walkway in Ahmadu Bello University struck my attention and led to the constant popping up of a particular question. This poster read the advertisement of a beauty contest with a lot of big companies in Nigeria sponsoring it. Surprisingly, the requirement for participating in this contest is to wear a white tank top, black leggings and heels. With dropping mouth, I asked, what kind of clothes does the society now use in measuring the fashion sense of a woman and especially for tertiary students, does exposing a part of your body in your dressing actually mean you are “hot” or “fashionable”? Also, should we be promoting half-naked dressing style or condemn it?

In my own opinion, the kind of clothes students especially ladies wear these days is an issue. If not properly looked into, it will finally render our own proper Nigerian dressing values useless as it is now a case of 50-50 that is, it is either we lose to the trend or otherwise. Nowadays, ladies will comfortably wear clothes which reveal their cleavages, arms, thighs, backs and other parts of their body thereby making the parts which should be kept private, public. Many of the older women who have seen things evolved into this demeaning stage often ask “what are they looking for” or “what do they enjoy from this”.

The result of several interviews conducted with both sexes show that the ladies who dress with revealing clothes do so with the sole intent of calling to themselves the attention of the men. What we fail to understand is that this new fashion trend degrades the value and decreases the self-worth of a woman. Some even say it is only a cheap woman who has no virtue at all that will dress half-naked in order to make herself appealing to the opposite sex.

In order to protect this our age and that of the generations to come, our ladies should try to bring back the days of decency in what they wear for the saying, “the way you are dressed determines the way you are addressed” is real and more practical than the way we just perceive it. A real woman will build up integrity and a high class respect for herself, her husband and family as a whole by keeping what should be kept private on her body private through the kind of clothes she wears. In changing the entire story and bringing back decency in our generation, it starts with you and I who are the future mothers and nation builders. Let’s leave a legacy which will guide our children to a place of destiny.


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