By Sama’ila Yunusa DanMairo


Under emotive thoughtful of you I think

In an ill-prepared time,

And an ill-time for tryst I enforce.

Ill-humour sometimes with me tarry,

Your smiling milky face,

Shy in my eye, heart I ruminate.

What worthy refraining from you can be?

But our communion,

May make love-hate free.

Never be unthankful to me,

Nor forgetful of fair-minded Yunusa,

Whom you warmly reasonably received.

Poor my wordings may be,

Fair irresistible creature of the Most High,

Perceive my speech I speak sincerely.

Commend my vegetative love, groovy lady.

Though you never mouthed-love me,

But my fonder love grows injectedly as flower.



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