​Xander wasn’t understanding a word she was saying, all he noticed was her mouth moving but she’s got to say the piece bothering her for a long time, she has put up with all his attitude for too long. Yea she needs him but she isn’t gonna die for a love which is already dying anyways. If there was any perfect day, it’s no other but today. “its like you are not hearing a word I’m saying Xander” she said almost whispering but he didn’t reply. “Are you listening Xander?” She shouted at once

“Yea” immediately he answered coolly like he has always done.

“I love you and I’m not giving up on you but believe me I’ve got to do this” she sobbed. Evidence of pain deeply embedded in the words she speaks “I’m a baby, yes I cry too much, and I always seek attention anyway possible and you’re so not cool with it, you can’t bear to hear people call me an attention seeking sulking bitch, I understand I swear. I mean this is all I can be, I’m trying not to cry but I can’t help it. If I’m worth the pain then I wish you’d see beyond the surface, you’ve got to see the real me, you’ve gotta understand too, just look deep and you will know that’s so not me, you have to love me and stop irritating me” she wiped her face trying hard not to cry, she paced back and forth. “You have to stop listening to the walls, you’ve gotta hold me but that’s too much to ask right? You can’t even do that” she shook her head “I’m sorry I’m ranting again but…” she paused and continued “I mean I’ve done this shit for too long and if you can’t see this lonely girl in front of you, probably you just can’t ever see me. And if you can’t take me for me then I think I don’t want this anymore” she removed his diamond ring from her index finger, still holding on tight, trying hard not to reveal the deep mole in her heart.

“Are you breaking up with me Payton Sawyer?” He asked for the very first time. His face down and his voice emotional. This isn’t what he bargained for. 

“If that’s what you want then sorry to disappoint you, NO.!” She smiled bitterly “I’m just buying you time to think about what this shit is worth to you, think about me and realize how much you don’t wanna let me go, I’d be waiting but I won’t wait for too long and if I don’t see you and I can’t wait any longer then I think its really the end for us….” she said the last sentence sadly. 

If for anything worth the good, Xander knew that Payton isn’t ranting, she meant what she said. She could be a baby but she always take her words seriously and she wouldn’t say a thing she won’t do. He couldn’t help but feel lost. Payton might be gone for real this time because for the moment he doesn’t really know what to do and he sure could use the break but he doesn’t know how long it would take him to make up his mind. When he met Payton for the first time he never envisioned that something like this could happen in a moment like this. He had envisioned a ‘forever’ and a ‘lifetime’ with ups and downs but definitely awesome and amazing moments with her. He had find her sweet and lovely and everything was fun in the beginning, never did he imagine that he could ever get tired of his little angel. Neither did he ever think of the fact that he could hurt her so bad that she would want to go away from him for even a moment not to talk of a while. “What about the baby Payton?” he asked sincerely concern about his unborn baby

“I can’t raise her all by myself and I’m not planning on bringing her to this world alone. You’d definitely be a part of her life and I’d let her know what an awesome dad you are” she smiled brightly like she always did revealing her cute dimples and a set of perfect shinning white teeth. 

“Payton, can you please not go?” he begged

“No, I can’t. I just have to” with those words she turned on her heals and made for the door

“Let the driver take you” Xander offers

Without turning to face him, she replied “I can manage on my own. Though I’m carrying your baby but I don’t need anything to remind me of you for now”. She walked out of the door. Immediately, Xander felt an emptiness inside of him. He was tempted to go after her and stop her from leaving, stop her from walking out of his world but he strongly believed it was for the best that she left. He doesn’t wanna ever hurt her again and he is definitely tired of seeing her cry all the time in the kitchen, in the bedroom or anywhere at all. He quietly let her go and he would deal with the emptiness later but for now he has to go hang out with his friends at the billionaires club. He rushed back into his room to change his outfit…………….

……… ……… …….,.


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