fashion||The capsule wardrobe

well happy new months guys its better late than never they say,so i hope you pardon me but today im going to be sharing with you something i learnt recently from a blogger friend of mine,cassiedaves,you can check her out here.

first,what is a capsule wardrobe?A capsule wardrobe is a collection of those items you own which you can use more than once but with a different twist ,a capsule wardrobe usually helps your recycle power especially for people with not so large wardrobes,people like me almost recycle what we have already recycled but hey you can rock those pieces as many times as you want,all you need do is style properly.DSC_0443.JPGfor me the first things in my capsule wardrobe are my vintage shirts and prints,even though Denola Grey clearly stated “every classic man shoul own at least five white shirts in his closet”,i say own more than just white shirts bro,own some vintage shirts as well just so you can have something that makes a statement.DSC_0897.JPGthis is what i mean when i say “statement piece”just let the prints speak for themselves

DSC_1041.JPGthe second but also important things i have in my capsule wardrobe are my denim shirts,hmmm,mhen i must tell you this,when in doubt wear a denim,denims have come back to stay and will be around for a long time and trust me whwn i say to you that a closet without at least a single denim shirt is almost lacking class,no offense.

No matter how you rock it,weather casully,or in a formal or somewhat laid back syle it still stays classy anytime anyday,iv had quie a couple of denim experiences too,DSC_0181.JPGDSC_0144.JPGsee how it makes the youth in me glow right,but guess what you can as much as you want style this in your own way,giving it your own twist tho.,DSC_1143the last but definitely not the least imporant thing i added to my capsule wardrobe is my denim jacket,i earlier gave us a brief on my denim jacket story you can check it here .the denim jacket can be your life saver for the cold seasons and even the classy seasons,just incase you still doubt the power of a denim jacket ,take a look at how it was my option A so many times,DSC_1057.JPGDSC_3156.JPGso thats just how much i have in my capsule wardrobe,remember to consider what your own personal style i because fashion is something all individuals have in common but its our stle that differs.

thats it on todays fashion post hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.BYE!!

Written by :kuyet bamai

model:kuyet bamai


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