​Corruption and its Effect

Written By Magaji Falalu M.

Corruption is one of the most dangerous social ill in any society. This is because corruption like a deadly virus, attacks the vital structures that make the society progressively functional. This is particularly true for developing countries in that limited but valuable fund and resources that are embarked for infrastructural development are out rightly embezzled severally depleted through the kick backs and over invoicing by individuals and agents of government.    

It is said that no life is more refreshing than morality and appropriate manners.

Also another saying said the best among you all those who have a good disposition, so that the others may soon become familiar with you; on the other hand, you too may soon become familiar with the others.

But the problem here is that when the corruption takes place morality and good disposition would not be occurred due to influence of corruption and nobody should copy your behaviour as a result of your corruption act.

The word corruption is derived from the Latin word “corruptus” which literarily means to destroy. According to the online encyclopedia WIKIPEDIA (2009), corruption is a generally concept decrying any organized interdependent system in which part of the system is either not performing duties it was originally intended to or performing their in an improper way at the detriment of the system original purpose. The United Nation Development Program (UNDP) defined corruption as the misuse of public power, office or authority for private benefit through bribery, restoration, peddling nepotism, fraud, speed money or embezzlement (UNDP 1999:7).

Corruption is therefore not only about stealing or extorting money and property by leaders as common thought. It includes any form of behaviour their deviates from ethnic, tradition, law and civic virtues by an individual or group no matter their status in the society; whether you are a civil servant, student, politician, carpentry, driver, military general, or wife of a president or governor. 

Corruption in what ever form it manifest leads to compromises of operating and ethnical standards of behaviour and hence sub-optimality; Corruption cannot allow any system to grow to its full potential.

If to ask what is corruption I can say I see it as a way of disorder loss of purity or integrity; depravity, wickedness impurity bribery.

Corruption take place when people get what they do not deserve to do by using money, ethics connection, tribes, religions and family influence etc. However corruption occurs during election, government offices, police station, custom, immigration, curt, banks colleges and universities etc.  

Who is a corrupt person, a person who involved himself in act of prostitution robbering, assassination and even a drugs abuse could be seem as a corrupt person.

The Effect of Corruption 

Although we have said that corruption is in everywhere, but not every one is corrupt in the society there are exceptional people among, those who do not engage themselves in the committing any act that would lead them to be corrupted.

Corruption destroys the respect of merit honesty, dedication to duty and sincerity.

Corruptions hinder economic development into society.

Corruption desecrates the race of law and others.

Corruption hinders, economic development in the society

Corruption exacerbates inequality in the country at large

Corruption undermines legitimacy and stability of democratic of the nation

Extravagancy of the properties and money most especially in the government parastatal. Also can be seen as a corruption.

Self-interest can be also seen as the effect of the corruption among the people.

Finally the best solution to those problems is, the attitude of our people has to be changed also we have to respect an individual for his personal character and good manner not for his wealthy Abraham Lincoln a farmer Americans President said “a good citizen always think what he will do to his society not what the society will do to him”. 

So that whoever, engage himself in thinking of helping others the act of corruption will be eradicated within the people.

Good-tempered person benefits from the friendship of nice good people he is also in safety from the attacks of wicked people.

It is enough for your morality not to carry up yourself with the characteristics, which you do not like to develop in your self.        



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