An Open Letter to ABU Mass Communication Department

Nasiru Tanimu

Permit me to state beforehand that if given another chance to choose a department of study at Ahmadu Bello University I will no doubt choose mass communication department. Since my primary school days I have been passionate about studying journalism and mass communication at ABU Zaria because of the many opportunities available to mass communication majors.

To the best of my knowledge there is no department at Ahmadu Bello University(ABU), Zaria that has not produce outstanding graduates in all field of human endeavours. The department of Mass Communication is no exception. It has produced and is still producing outstanding graduates into the journalism, advertising, public relations and other related professions. However, there are some issues which if not properly addressed, can affect the quality of graduates from the department.

I have observed that too much courses can quickly drained the brains of majority of students in the department. In this case, students will find it difficult to discover their hidden potentials as regards to mass communication. The most affected were direct entry students who are being forced to take all 100level core courses along side 200level courses. This easily drain the brain, it makes lost of concentration possible. I therefore hope that the department look into this suggestion with due consideration.

I will like to also humbly suggest that mass communication department be divided into three sub-departments namely print media department, broadcast media department and a combined advertising, public relations and marketing communication department to be effective for students starting from 300level upward. That is to say, students from 100level to 200level should be doing all the core courses until they reach 300level where they will be given options to choose their area of specialisation from.

This suggestion if adopted will reduce the risk of having students graduated from the department with no known area of specialisation. To expect students to specialize in all area of mass communication discipline such as print, broadcast, advertising, new media among others is impossible to say the lest.

When the first suggestion is adopted, the department should invite various media organizations to come and scot talents across the three sub-departments. This will help rise the employability prospects of students from the departments.

As one of your student and a potential prolific journalist, I hope you will consider my humble suggestions in due course. I am committed to elevating the department of mass communication in particular, and the Ahmadu Bello University high in both theory and practice.

Originally published in Leadership Newspaper.


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