Kano film village is a film industry which the federal government of Nigeria wants to establish with the view of standardizing and commercializing local film production ( not only Hausa film ) and with the aim of creating jobs opportunities for many Nigerians and increase revenue generation to Kano state in particular and the nation in general. It has cinematographic Centre, a 400 capacity auditorium for training, hostiles, sound stage, stadium, eatery block, shopping mall, clinic, among others, (Managing Director Nigerian Film Corporation). Many people have been agitating between two sides about the creation of Kano drama village of 20hecters which the federal government of Nigeria wants to establish in Kano state.

The facts remain the same, whatever has advantages most also have some disadvantages in the life of people within a community. As there are two sides to a coin, so also there must be pros and cons to the establishment of drama village in Kano state and to Nigeria at large. However, the benefits derivable from the establishment of film village in Kano if establish will be:


The film industry is about to create 10,000 jobs opportunities for the teaming youths of Kano state and Nigeria at large said Managing Director Nigeria Film Corporation. As we all know that, the civil service scheme cannot afford to provide jobs for all the unemployed Nigerian youths graduating yearly from different higher institutions of learning, but if the film village will be establish, the unemployment rate will be reduced to a minimal level.


Film as a medium of communication helps in the preservation of Nigerian cultural value. It is believed that Nigerian culture is facing the great challenges; the culture and tradition are dead. Therefore, with the creation of the drama village, it will promote our culture and traditions if well supervised and managed.


Talented people are everywhere in the country from different dimension in life, but because they have no way to taste their talent. Therefore, they die with it without releasing the potential in them.


The establishment or creation of film village will definitely enhances national building, thereby enhancing improvement in creation of more infrastructural development not only in Kano state but in Nigeria at large.

Many people especially from Kano and northern part of our country in particular have been condemning the project with the excuse of poisoning the character or behavior of the growing generation and Islamic and traditional principles violation. One of the negative implications of establishing drama village is that, it will enhance immorality and social vices among youths of the north as claimed by most clerics and traditional rulers in Kano state. These include: increment in number of drug addiction, which led to the rise in the rate of prostitution. This can be seen where some of the kanny wood artists engaging in explicit immoral act which is contrary to the cultural value of people in the north and the country at large.

From the forgoing analogy, kicking against the establishment of drama village alone will not solve the problems of immorality and social vices as stated by the people against it but rather censoring the contents of all productions to meet some basic ethical standards that are acceptable to the people of Kano state, northern part, Nigeria and Africa at large.

Conclusively, I think it would be foolish of anybody to openly condemn the film village project while his or her house is full of all sorts of movies.  


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