​Diary of An ABUSITE

Nasiru Tanimu ANNURI


(August 12, 2014 – Samaru Campus)

A soft voice called from behind me.
I responded not sure it was directed at me. A moderately slim and fair-skinned lady walked slowly toward me.
“Please can you direct me to Sociology Department?”
“Yes you are welcome”
I said and we both moved slowly without saying a word. Her specially sweet perfume alone is enough to left me speechless. After few minutes passed the university senate building I managed to break the silence.

“You seem to be a stranger in this campus”

“You are right”

“Ok. You came here for visit?”


She replied sharply as if trying to disagree with the question.

“To submit my credentials for D.E”

“Oh! That is great. I wish you success.”

“Ameen! Thank you”

We reached Sociology Department which is, of course, close to our Department of Mass Communication. I didnt bother to tell her we arrived because the departmental billboard is as clear as open sky.

“You can go in now.”

I said while trying to move to our department. But she quickly stopped me.

“Your name please?”


An expression of surprise sprang up on her face.

“You said you name is NTA?”

“Yes just keep it this short you will know the rest soon.”


“After you have submitted your Credentials.”

“What? You meant you are going to wait for me here?”

She asked again. A mixture of surprise and excitement evolved every part of her beautiful face. Without saying a word I nodded my head. A sign that I meant it. With this she disappeared into the sociology department as I watched from behind in admiration…


I was LOST contemplating on what to tell her on her return. It was purely an emotional feeling as I battle for the right words to use to get the right acceptance from her

“Just go straight to the point”

“No! Don’t rush, just play all your creative tricks. You are a poet remember”

My mind splits with different thoughtful suggestions. Suddenly two loudspeakers from the nearby mosque came into use. It was a call for Zuhr prayers which is one of the five daily prayers muslims all around the world observes.

I rose up and headed straight to the mosque. Should I abandon God’s service for this lady’s sake? No! That cannot happen. Never! With that I put her thought behind and went to pray.

The Zuhr prayers took barely 10 minutes and when it ended I decided to proceed to Ramat hostel to cater for my stomach infrastructure. But a second thought, very sharp suggested I go back and check IF i can find her!

When I reached I was taken aback by her presence exactly where I left. It left me speechless, and my heart beats faster than I can ever imagine.

“I know you will be back and that was the reason I am here waiting for you too.”

“Waw! How did you know know I am coming back?”

I asked with a clear expression of suprises and excitement. The way she smiled really snuffed sorrows and anxiety out of me. I didn’t hesitate to sat beside her. 

“After I submitted my credentials I came out and saw you heading toward the mosque.”

“Oh! That is true. You are right.”

“So I decided to wait for you, and I am delighted to see you back for me.”

“You also stayed here for me and I am delighted as well.”

My reply seemed to have gladden her heart. Her face splashed a fine flurry of smiles that easily found their way into my heart. It looked as if we knew each other long before this meeting.

“Now you should tell me why your name is NTA?”

She demanded. It was as if she need nothing in this world more than answer to this question.

“N-T-A stand for Naseeru Taneemu Annuree and I am here from Taraba State.”

“waw! What a nice acronym for an appellation! You also came from a remote state”

She exclaimed.

“What about you?”

I asked with keen interest and she didnt hesitate to reply.

“Hafsatu Dikko from Katsina State.”

“What a coincidence! I am also from Katsina.”

“How? Few minutes ago you said you were from Taraba?”

She was suprised. Openly curious.

“Katsina is my fatherland, now I am using my mother’s state Taraba”


We both remained silent for few minutes before she broke the silence again.

“Give me your number I will call you tomorrow before I leave for Katsina. You should please come and meet me outside.”

“Where ?”

I asked after she saved my number. This time it was a mixed-feelings for me.

“At the gate.”


“Goodbye NTA. Till we meet tomorrow”

“And you too.”

I reached our hostel, Ramat hostel feeling tired. But what took over my thought was this strange, yet sweet encounter with Hafsatu. She is so friendly for my liking. She is very beautiful…

I was busy sailing through the sea of unrelenting thoughts when my phone vibrated. A new message from a new number read thus…

“Destiny has opened a new chapter in my life and with you as the title. Hope you will fill this chapter with honesty, love, and happiness…….Miss you Naseer.”


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