​ “A child’s upbringing belongs to everybody not somebody”


Raising a child is not an easy task. It is virtually one of the hardest things to do. It requires lots of dedication and commitment. 

A child goes through a circle of upbringing before being an adult, first his parents, then teachers, peer groups, the social environment (socially thinking and society conscious individuals) and then back to his parents. It’s obvious that the parents are the starting point and end point of the circle, but a lot happens in between. What happens in-between shapes the child’s mind.

In every society where people think socially not as isolated individuals but conscious beings able to look up to one another, we tend to have right thinking children. For instance, just rebuking a child you see on the street when he misbehaves might give him a sense of regret. He/she might reflect on the fact that even people who do not know me care about how I behave. Just he/she having a rethink might put him on the right cause.

The society therefore, are responsible in the child’s upbringing. Just being friendly to child makes you partake in the role of his upbringing, as it will make them have a good understanding of the society and its ideal way of living.

Teachers also are a key players in a child’s upbringing. They almost on a daily basis help in nurturing the child in both educational and moral world. Teachers also help in unleashing a child’s potential. Apart from parents, they tend to be the ones that spend most time with a child. They even become much more a friend.

Even as children, we help in the upbringing of our dear ones. As conscious kids, we rebuke our friends when they do wrong and praise them when they are right. At times children do that unknowingly but its effect cannot be hidden.

In essence, parents have the sole responsibility of raising their children, but they cannot do all that alone. As children evolve through the life circle, they are constantly being shaped and molded by all the forces (parents, teachers, friends, the environment and society) they encounter.


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  1. Samaila Yunusa DanMairo says:

    The Nigerian government should bring up a law that will portray the responsibility of every citizen to discipline and cautioned misbehaved cildren in our society as it was in our traditional village communities. Thus, a child to one is a child to all.


  2. depatridge says:

    Reblogged this on Matthews' Blog and commented:
    That is the nature of our society that the child is a farm that is meant to feed all. As a result, every member of society must be responsible for a child’s upbringing. Correcting, reprimanding when wrong, encouraged to behave well and work hard wherever they are seen especially in the absence of their biological parents. But does that happen again in our society where individualism and other antithetical reasoning has become the norm?

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