By: John Christiana, U12mm1018

You saw this sweet dashing young lady and all that came to your mind was that you wanted her, and  because this thought  has become so strong that all you could imagine was being with her and so you approached her  and along the line she fell in love with you, the love got so sweet that she feels she is everything you could ever want in a woman and so you took her to the altar.  Now she changes her name, changes her home, leaves her family, moves in with you, builds a home with you, got pregnant for you, pregnancy changes her body, she got fat an almost gives up in labor room due to the unbearable pains of child birth, even the kinds she deliver bear your name. Till the day she dies, everything she does; cooking, cleaning your house, taking care of your parents, taking care of your children, and earning advising and ensuring you can be relaxed, maintaining all family  relations, everything that benefits you at the expense of her own health and beauty.
Then! some day you wake up to the realization that she is not the perfect woman for you and that you made a mistake while going for her.
How! How!! How!!!?
My brothers, always take care of your woman, especially when she is pregnant. Care for and respect our pregnant women to avoid complications during and after pregnancy.


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