Suleiman Ohunene zainab

Today I took some steps backward, down memory lane. OMG.! it’s been ages and I was so young. So innocent, so pure at heart. But I was damn stubborn, gush. So childish but… …but I was so happy and quite optimistic about everything. I think I was fourteen then, I met my first love aside my parents. I hated him with passion but he was my friend. He had this perfect smile,and a cute one sided dimple, but he was a naughty little brat. He was always looking for an excuse to see me and I grew fond of that. Little did I understand the words of the heart. Of course I thought I knew everything and I called him spoilt. I’d always go outside my gate and catch him stealing a glance at me. I wasn’t even pretty, gush, what was he staring at, please? #RollingMyEyes.. We became really close and I was enjoying the attention. I mean, it was a harmless friendship, who wouldn’t enjoy that? #shrug.. He was so scared of losing me but he was also too young. He finally got the chance to ask me out. What was I suppose to do? of course I REJECTED him. I mean I was just FOURTEEN, I knew nothing..!! #frown I think that was the first time I broke his heart.. He felt embarrassed and left. He didn’t even look back. Days passed and I began to realize what I’ve done. I felt empty. He was the only friend I had in that neighborhood. I was new there. Years later, I think after I’ve dated my first boyfriend or so. he showed up at my gate, I was so scared. My heart beat twice at a time, as I shiver down my spine. I felt as guilty as hell, I had pushed him away before, I didn’t know what to do. He smiled and said “Hi beautiful” He has grown so tall, gorgeous. OMG! He was the handsomest male specie I’ve ever seen. My heart skipped again. “won’t you at least reply my greeting” he said. His voice was so rich, strong and healthy. It got me dizzy but I was a brilliant girl. I smiled, of course it was fake, #Smirking. I was just trying to hide my embarrassment. I didn’t know how to apologise for the past, I just pretended it didn’t happen. …and he didn’t say anything… He was so kind and sweet. We became friends again, and it was super cool… ..until one evening. I think he came to my school, he was nervous, memories rushing back, he was scared and my heart clenched, what was he going to say? I wonder, I don’t wanna lose my friend again, I’ve lost him once. Then he said, “Hey beautiful, I went away to grow up and I’m back, I hope you won’t reject me again” My heart relaxed. He wasn’t ending our friendship, he was extending it… OMG.! I love him, I just didn’t realize in time. ..and I’ve wasted a lot of time, I want to waste time no more..! He was like my dream come true. He was my Knight in a shinning armor… …and he has waited for me to be ready. He was my first love, though not the first guy I dated…! …Any way, I loved him and he loved me, that was what matter… So today, I treaded the path, we used to take. The things we liked and the things we didn’t like. I reminisced over again, and I realized why I loved him… ..and I smiled… its been such a journey, we broke up, made up, broke up and made up, even if we break up again, he’d still be my favourite melody..!! #Adopted from the diary of a little pure girl… #True love last. Like I love this couple #smiling


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