Amedu Lauretta Unekwu 

Like water that lives in the well, rivers, streams reservoirs, etc. this word is common. It is so simple yet hard to understand. Deepak Chopra an Indian says it is shown without any reason and is born out of man’s irrational wisdom; what an oxymoron. When it is practiced truly, with or without reasons, there is this inner joy and peace it gives to the mind. It makes one fearless in the face of death for it is worth dying for. Love is a divine gift from God.   

Nature has nothing more beautiful than love. You may not find it easy to appreciate if you have never felt it. It means different things to different people. It is sometimes shaped by culture and society. Sometimes it becomes a word used to express various sentiments. In some cases, love is ritual a totem of devotion, respect and sacrament. What more can life ask for when the day break and a beautiful smile, breath-taking, and caring voice says ‘good morning.’ It is declared love undeniable, proved by nature that lives forever. Absence from the eyes of the beloved brings discomfort, sadness, hunger, insecurity and tension. Preach love to the world if you have love. Give the water of love to those who thirst for it. Appreciate love for it is those who appreciate love that have a greater love in them. This is a tale of love for motherhood, the beauty of natural love. Love conquers the world. It brings solutions to a quagmire that seems irreconcilable. With a right interpretation of love and a true and natural expression, the world would be a place we all would enjoy living in. Show love to someone today … 


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